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Personal Safety
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Never open the door without knowing the person's identity. Do not be afraid to ask for some identification.

Never let strangers into your home to use the phone. Make the call for them. Commit a mental description to mind.

Before entering your home, have your keys ready before you reach the door.

If you suspect someone is in your home, DO NOT GO IN. Get to a phone and dial 911.

Install good locks on all doors and windows; use them. Never hide keys outside. Make sure your garage door is secure.

Close your blinds or drapes at night. Always lock the doors.

Do not let callers know you are home alone. Use "we" instead of "I". Never give out personal information over the phone.

If you live alone, use a first initial with your last name on your mailbox or the phone directory listing.

If you get an obscene call, hang up immediately and notify the Sheriff's station.


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When leaving home, make sure all doors and windows are locked.

Bring a companion whenever possible. Always try to travel in areas that are well lit and provide high visibility.

Walk quickly and confidently to your destination while constantly paying attention to what is going on around you.

Do not be afraid to make eye contact with those around you. Use mirrors or reflections to see behind you.

Should you find yourself unavoidably alone, be extra alert before entering an unsecured area.

Walk facing oncoming traffic. Do not accept rides from strangers.

Do not take short cuts or go through poorly lit areas, deserted streets, etc.

If you suspect you are being followed, go to the nearest populated area such as a supermarket; or drive to the nearest Sheriff's, Police or Fire station.


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Always lock car doors after entering and before leaving your car. Keep them locked while driving.

Have your keys ready as you approach your car.

Always park in well lit areas.

Do not leave any packages, mail or personal items exposed in plain view.

If you suspect that you are being followed, drive directly to the nearest Sheriff's, Police or Fire station, or a well lit and populated location.

Do not stop to aid stranded motorists. Place a call for assistance at the next populated stop.

Keep your car in good working condition. Always travel with a full tank of gas in your car.

If your car breaks down, open the hood and turn on your emergency lights. If someone stops to help, ask them to call for assistance. Keep your car doors locked and windows up until law enforcement arrives.


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BE ALERT AND AWARE, if you are going places where you may be vulnerable to attack.

Avoid unsafe areas if at all possible.

Try to think ahead and avoid situations that will put you in peril.

Always be prepared, BE ALERT AND AWARE of people around you and the surrounding area.

Educate yourself concerning prevention tips.

Perhaps the single most important aspect to a personal defense plan is: TRUST YOUR GUT FEELINGS.

If things don't seem right, they probably aren't, SO GET OUT OF THERE!


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